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We Have Window Solutions for Any Design Style & Application.

Minimal Office

Our company is your full-service professional business for window coverings in San Antonio. We offer care and service for corporations, contractors and government agencies. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior quality blinds, wood blinds, and window coverings, whatever the style or budget may be.


It costs no more to use the professional services of a decorating professional at Service Shade Shop. We provide dedicated service for all your window needs from all the newest styles and colors. Come and shop where you are treated with respect and with people whose only business is decorating your windows.

We are small enough to give you the individual services you desire, yet large enough to ensure on time and on target completion of large projects.

Commercial Clients
  • U.S. Air Force

  • U.S. Army

  • U.S. Navy

  • INS Center

  • Bexar County

  • State of Texas

  • Property Management Companies

  • City of San Antonio

  • FAA Control Facilities

  • Universities

  • Hospitals

  • Office Towers

  • Restaurants

  • Commercial Contractors

  • Retail Store Fronts


Service Shade is your full-service professional business that offers care and service for your home. Our mission is to provide our customers with top-of-the-line blinds, wood blinds, and window coverings.


Did you know that windows can account for 10% to 20% of your heating bills? Energy-efficient window coverings, in addition to other smart energy saving tips, can help you reduce these percentages and save you money, not just this year but many years to come.


We can show you how to use light as a valuable decorating tool. How to shape it, control it, and make it strike the right note in every room of your home. We'll walk you through all the important things to consider when selecting window fashions, such as the source of the light, the amount of privacy you require, ensuring the safety of your children, and your personal style.

Tell us about your project today.

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